Joel Sjöö


Joel Sjöö is a songwriter and producer from the Swedish countryside.
Every morning he gets out of bed with two things on his mind:
One: “Yes Polly, stop barking, where is the damn dog food oh my god I’m blind without my contacts why don’t I just get laser surgery?”
Two: “Today is another opportunity to write an amazing, timeless song”.

With this in mind he goes about his day, trying to remind himself and the artists he works with to find that nerve that makes music magical, and to create something personal that hits right in the feels. Sometimes it works really well, sometimes not. In the words of Rick Rubin: “our opportunity is to practice. And what wants to happen, will happen.”

Despite his complete lack of Spotify NMF-focus Joel has a bunch of gold and platinum records, has won the Eurovision song contest and is a Swedish and Dutch Grammy winner. But more importantly, he is really really nice and has a lot of friends. Some of them are incredible artists that he has worked with, like Duncan Laurence, Jarryd James, Glowie, Robinson, Tei Shi, Erika Sirola and The Vaccines.

Joel is based in Stockholm and currently signed to Daniel Ledinsky’s songwriting team Music & Words and Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia.

Music & Words